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Free Online Image Resizing (Social Media) Tool

How do I use it?

  1. Click on “Choose File” and select your required image.
  2. Click on the desired social media icon and choose targeted size.
  3. Press the “Resize Image” button.

Check your image quality that shows in the bottom box and Download The Image.If you are looking to convert your base64 encoded string into image then check Base64 to Image Convertor Online Free


  • High quality
    The best image resizer available online for resizing images without losing image quality.
  • Easy to use
    Simply upload your image select you desire platform and also choose targeted size 
  • Privacy guaranteed
    Your images are uploaded over a 256-bit SSL connection for security, and they are permanently discarded after seven hours.
  • Lightning fast
    Your images can be quickly resized with this tool stored in the cloud and with excellent scalability
  • Totally free
    It is completely free online software that does not require any payment, installation, or registration.You can resize an unlimited number of images without adding a watermark.
  • Best for all social media platforms
    You can use it in a variety of different situations.  It has all types of social media platforms.
  • More satisfaction
    Its bottom “resized image” box provides results before downloading the image.