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How do I use this tool?

To test and validate the robots.txt just follow the below steps.

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Why should I use this robots.txt validator and tester tool?

The Robots.txt file tester and validator is used to verify the syntax and contents of the robots.txt file. The robots.txt file is a file used by website owners to instruct web robots, such as search engine crawlers, which pages or sections of the website they should not access. The tester and validator tool helps to ensure that the robots.txt file is properly formatted and does not contain any errors, so that web robots can accurately follow the instructions provided. This helps to improve the efficiency of web crawling, protect sensitive information, and prevent the website from being penalized by search engines for accidentally blocking important pages. 

What is robots.txt?

The robots.txt file is a simple text file placed on a website to indicate which pages or sections of the website should not be crawled or indexed by search engine robots or web crawlers. This file helps website owners to control which pages of their site are publicly accessible and prevent search engines from accessing sensitive or restricted content. The file is requested by search engines when they first crawl a website, and the file's contents dictate which pages should be indexed. The format of the robots.txt file is standardized and can be accessed by adding "/robots.txt" to the end of a website's URL. If you are looking to check the length of meta title tag, then check Free Meta Title Tag Length Checker For All Pages

What is user agent in robots.txt?

The user agent in a robots.txt file is the name of the web crawler that is requesting access to the website's content. The user agent allows website owners to specify which crawlers are allowed to access their site, and which pages or sections should be restricted. The robots.txt file acts as a set of instructions for web crawlers, helping to ensure that they only access parts of the website that the owner wants to be indexed.

Allowed and disallowed URLs for a given User-Agent

The "User-Agent" is an HTTP header field that identifies the client software and version being used to access a website. Some websites may restrict access based on the User-Agent, allowing or disallowing certain URLs based on this information.

For example, a website may only allow access to certain URL paths if the User-Agent is a well-known web browser, and disallow access if the User-Agent is a scraper or bot. Conversely, some websites may disallow access to certain URL paths for well-known web browsers and only allow access for specialized clients or bots.

The decision of what is allowed and disallowed for a given User-Agent is typically made by the website owner or administrator and can be enforced using server-side logic and access control rules.