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Google SERP Optimization Tool (How it works?)

SERP stands for Search Engine Result Pages, SERP Optimization Tool will help you to simulate the google search engine results page. Use the above form to check the length of a meta title, URL, and meta description for your website pages or blog articles. This tool will update (show number of characters) you as soon as you type in the form, and display a warning when you have increased the number of characters as per the limit suggested by Google.

Usage of SERP Optimization Tool

The main purpose of the SERP Optimization Tool is to allow content writers and publishers to construct SEO-optimized and eye-catching page titles, URLs, and meta descriptions. By using this tool you can optimize the content of your title tag, URL, and meta description tag. And that results to maximize the click-through rate from the most used search engines like Google, Bing, etc. In simple words, this tool will help you to increase your organic search engine traffic.

Below are the main parts of the SERP snippet.

SERP Snippet Description
Meta Title Google shows up to 70 characters as a title on the search result page, after that it replaces the words with an ellipsis (...)
URL The appropriate page URL length should be 75-120 characters because they are generally indexed quite well. The maximum URL length depends on web browsers. However, the maximum length in the address bar is 2048 characters
Meta Description As a meta description, Google shows up to 156 characters on search engine page results. If a page meta description tag exceeds 156 characters, it replaces the words with an ellipsis(...)

So to create an optimized title tag, meta description tag, and URL this tool will help you, and increase the presense ability of your pages for the SERP.